Ductless Systems


Ductless systems are the most energy efficient HVAC systems available. There is wasted energy loss with traditional duct systems. Most heat systems are placed inside an unconditioned space. For example, if you run your air conditioning ducts through an attic that reaches 140 degrees in the summer, this can increase the amount of energy needed to cool your building. Also, most traditional systems require a lot of power to start up. Have you ever noticed the lights in a building will dim when you initially turn on your air conditioning and engage the compressor? This will strain your overall electrical system and HVAC equipment over time. A ductless system will avoid all these problems and will significantly reduce your power consumption. With a ductless system you can set different temperature zones throughout your building to heat and cool specific areas as needed. This is a much smarter and energy efficient approach for heating and cooling different areas of a building based on which areas are used the most.

A ductless system is a zoning system based on refrigeration as opposed to airflow. Ductless systems can be used in both commercial and residential buildings.

Whether you have a multi-story commercial building or a small guest house there is a ductless system available to meet your specific needs.